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About Me

Born in Montreal, Canada in 1974, I have called Winnipeg home since 1982. Influenced by my father and one of my

older brothers I began teaching myself photography in the early 1990’s using film; later changing to digital SLR photography to stay current with the times. My Photography- which focuses on the richness, depth and moods of landscape- clearly shows my concern for the abandoned, marginalized, unmanicured, and broken elements within that landscape. I see strength and beauty in these places, where many would simply overlook.


In August of 2017, I completed a six month residency program at Artbeat Studio, expanding my creative outlets, which has lead me down a path of continual exploration and creative freedom. I have taken classes in oil painting, online mixed media classes, and self-taught myself the ancient Turkish art of Ebru (or marbling). Additionally, I find great pleasure and freedom when doing “pours” to create abstract works, landscapes, and mineral-like pieces. 


These days, I am focused on my nursing career, and spend much of my time producing various crafts. This helps with my creative spirit and helps me decompress. Most recently, I have been trying to master alcohol inks, which is challenging yet super fun.